Genies: 3D Avatars

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Here to share a closer look at the avatar creation experience we helped design for the Genies mobile app.

With a talented team of ex-Disney character animators, the Genies 3D avatars are second to none.

Many celebrities, like Justin Bieber, have taken notice and already created digital versions of themselves. The idea is that avatars will eventually take their place to make appearances at virtual events.

The beauty of creating a virtual identity is that you’re not confined by the limitations of the physical world. Most avatars have an androgynous look and feel as many Gen Zs don’t define themselves by gender.

If they want to take it one step further there are non-human avatars to choose from as well.

The result — the most authentic expression of identity.

The avatar experience is designed to stimulate creativity by showcasing the endless possibilities to create an avatar unique to each individual.

The surprising navigation patterns help users have fun while exploring the many templates and customization options in the app.

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Shoutout to the team:

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