Case Study | Dog Walking App: Doggo

Doggo is a mobile app and online platform that connects dog owners to dog lovers alike to help them spend quality time with their furry friends while they are busy or away from home.


Dog owners with planned or routine schedules rely on walkers all the time but often find it difficult to get help in an emergency situation. Security and safety for dogs are also major concerns among new users.


Design a platform for both dog owners and walkers so both users can “raise their hands” to provide opportunities for kindness within the community and learn from each other.

My Role

This project was completed during my learning journey with Dribbble’s Product Designer course. I was responsible for the entire design process, including user and market research, visual and UI design, wireframing, and prototyping.

Market Research


Tanya is a busy nurse who lives with her senior dog, Bosch. Due to her often-changing schedule, she needs a flexible booking flow. With concerns about security and her dog’s condition, she also needs help to identify suitable walkers to fit their needs. Therefore, the flexibility of booking pre-scheduled and on-demand sessions, a more detailed assessment process, and communication are key features that would solve for Tanya’s problem.

User Flow & Wireframe

Security for both dog owners and walkers is one of the key considerations when building the onboarding experience. Even though users can browse and start searching without an account, the information provided is limited until further authentication is provided. From here, we planned out the user flow and started building wireframe to test and visualize.

Visual Design & Components

I wanted to rely on the color of joy and warmth to be my starting point. By putting together a moodboard, I planned out a color scheme to work with and started my design process.

The visual design of Doggo started with a limited font sizes and colors, and the palette eventually grew into a design system overtime.


Try it out in action here.

This project has offered me valuable opportunities to explore and expand my skill set within the design stages. I was challenged to come up not only workable solutions but also a robust design system that will help the developing process later on.

Next Steps

▪ Expand frames, buttons, and visual elements for qualified users to navigate and interact with dog owners as walkers.

▪ Design detailed flows for other features such as the signup process, payment methods, noting features, booking confirmation, and community services.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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Posted on May 29, 2022

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