Users frequently ask the question of how to download Instagram stories and Instagram Story because the application is not a feature in itself. While the users frequently use the story sharing developed by the application, it is desired to save the liked and interesting stories on the phone.

Instagram prefers to add many different features that social media users use with admiration and intensity when viewed. The story-sharing feature, which the Snapchat application has used for many years, is also included in Instagram. It is an inbuilt feature. It allows users to instantly share their status, thoughts, and environment. The fact that many different features can be used through the shared posts attracts people's attention, while the fact that they are automatically deleted after 24 hours relieves the users. In this respect, the fact that it has a large usage volume causes questions such as how to download Instagram stories frequently.

How to Download Instagram Stories?

When it comes to downloading Instagram stories, there are many mobile applications. Many of these mobile applications provide the service they provide on the condition of logging in to the account. Many users have concerns about logging into the account. Such mobile applications, which are used by downloading from the application store, still leave a doubt in the minds of users, even though they have passed the safety test. For this reason, the first preferred method is to download Instagram stories without logging into the account. The recommended method in this regard is as follows:

Download Instagram Story with

It is one of the easiest download formats to implement. But first of all, it should be known that the story to be downloaded is not included in a secret account. The download of the story belonging to a hidden account will only be possible by logging into an account that follows that account. For this reason, this method can only be used on public accounts. It is possible to copy the story link of an account that shares publicly.

  • Open your Instagram app.

  • Open the story you want to download.

  • Click on the three-dot icon at the top right of the story.

  • Click on "Copy Link."

  • Then go to via your internet browser.

  • Paste the link you copied in the "Enter Instagram username or video URL" section.

  • Then click the "Download" button.

  • Then verify that you are not a robot.

  • All story shares of the user you copied the story link for in all 24 hours will be listed. You can download it by using the "Download as Photo" or "Download as Video" buttons under the desired share.

The site, which gives very successful results in downloading Instagram stories, also offers the opportunity to download it without the need for a story link. What you need to do for this is to enter the username of the account in the "Enter Instagram username or video URL" section of the site. With this method, you can download all the story shares of the user within 24 hours.

How to Download Instagram Story?

When we look at the issue of Instagram story download, many sites and mobile applications are seen. While some of the sites and mobile applications that serve can do their job successfully, some of them may experience minor problems. Basically, the sites and applications that can be preferred for Instagram story download differ depending on whether they want to log in to the account or not. Although the first preference of the users is to download the story without logging into the account, this is not always possible. It is mandatory to log in to the account in order to download the story belonging to a hidden account. For this reason, some methods to be recommended for Instagram story download by logging into the account are as follows:

Download Instagram Story with Story Assistant Mobile Application

It is a very simple application to use. Since it is used by logging into the account, it does not need to copy any story link. Stories of followed accounts are displayed directly. Since the account is logged in, the story shares of the secret accounts that are followed can be downloaded.

  • First, open your mobile app store. (Google Play Store for Android, Apple Store for IOS)

  • Download the application called Story Assistant from here.

  • Since there are many applications with similar names, make sure that the manufacturer is Kimcy929 in terms of distinctiveness.

  • Then open the application.

  • Account login will be requested directly during application login. Sign in by clicking on the "Sign in with Instagram" option.

  • After the login process, the home page will open directly. Here, there will be those who share stories among the accounts you have followed.

  • Click on the story account you want to download.

  • You will view the stories shared in the last 24 hours. You can download whatever you want.

  • You can use the search button at the top right to download the story share of an account you do not follow.

It is among the applications that give the most successful results in downloading Instagram stories check out Many applications in the application stores are not preferred due to the excessive advertisement display. It is one of the rare applications that can be preferred because it only publishes a small advertisement at the bottom of the application.


Posted on May 27, 2022