Locale Agency Branding

OBJECTIVE: To launch a new branch of an established company into the destination marketing industry. Locale combines marketing agency know-how with enterprise-level artificial intelligence to better leverage every dollar spent. They are differentiated by their size and unique technology. 

SOLUTION: Many companies operating in this space feel more like a bank than an approachable company. Conversely, Locale is small enough to be agile and make quick and informed bids. We decided to focus on their core value of flexibility while building a visual solution to the branding. 

The main logo is simple and direct, showing the convergence of ideas and upward ambition. The logo is also dynamic, and can be cut and stacked into a compact square, again showing their unique flexibility. The chevron mark is also used in various graphics and serves as their avatar icon. The graphic style is clean and honest because they work directly with municipalities where flashy designs can feel too expensive. 

Posted on May 26, 2022
Fizz Creative
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