Savoure Kitchen Barbecue and Dressing Packaging

OBJECTIVE: To reposition a food producer as they scale from seasoned nut mixes to other product categories. Savory Snackage had already outgrown their name and starter brand when they approached us for a full refresh. 

SOLUTION: It was important for Savory to not alienate their current clients, so worked with them to develop a more inclusive and ownable brand name that still had a strong resemblance to their original. Thus Savory Snackage became Savoure Kitchen. We developed a brand mark around the idea of neatly arranged spice powders, and those dots were carried into the wordmark as well. To emphasize the clean ingredients, we worked with an illustrator to develop unique images for each style of dressing and barbecue sauce. 

Posted on May 25, 2022
Fizz Creative
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