The Spice Coach Packaging

OBJECTIVE: Chef Ray reached out to us to help him develop a spice company brand from the ground up. As a professional chef, he had the palette and the formulations spot-on but needed help turning that into a brand ready for store shelves. 

SOLUTION: We evaluated many name options, but what stuck with both us and our client was how he wanted to coach consumers into cooking better meals. The Spice Coach was a natural choice. Spice jars are small, so we developed a bold brand with highly readable text with many different widths from thick to thin that would give hierarchy while retaining high legibility. Bold colors for each label help to give clear differentiation, while a jumbled pattern of vintage foods and cooking utensils adds some extra character. 

Posted on May 25, 2022
Fizz Creative
Branding & Packaging Design for Bold Brands.

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