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  1. Alan van Roemburg - The Graphic Order Alan van Roemburg - The Gr...

    Looking good, i like the little status bars.

    almost 4 years ago

  2. Benjamin De Cock Benjamin De Cock

    Thanks Alan ◕‿◕


    almost 4 years ago

  3. Hans van de Bruggen Hans van de Bruggen

    Agreed. Very effective use of just a few pixels.

    almost 4 years ago

  4. Andrew Wilkinson Andrew Wilkinson

    Looks great, but some of the borders on the elements (especially the filter bar) look kind of blurry. Maybe try using color dodge as the blending mode for the inner glow?

    almost 4 years ago

  5. Rogie King Rogie King

    Haha, I love that smiley! ◕‿◕ The status bars are killer, but totally agreed with Andrew on the blurriness.

    almost 4 years ago

  6. Michaël Villar Michaël Villar

    Look nice :)
    Same for me for the blurry (told you! :p)

    almost 4 years ago

  7. Benjamin De Cock Benjamin De Cock

    Thanks for your comments guys, will tweak this blurry issue :)

    almost 4 years ago

  8. Matt Grantham Matt Grantham

    Looks great! What technology are you using for the app?

    almost 4 years ago

  9. Benjamin De Cock Benjamin De Cock

    HTML, CSS, jQuery and Python :)

    almost 4 years ago

  10. Josh Brewer Josh Brewer

    Totally random, but how much is images and how much of this ends up being CSS? Would love to see PS and finished side by side :)

    almost 4 years ago

  11. Benjamin De Cock Benjamin De Cock

    Joshua: It really depends on how you (or your client) understand and accept progressive enhancement :)
    In theory, almost everything can be done in CSS/JS.

    almost 4 years ago

  12. Josh Brewer Josh Brewer

    True words. Just curious about the scope of the project and if you are just targeting certain browsers or as you mention, you have a client that totally get that this will not look anywhere near this good in IE. :)

    almost 4 years ago

  13. Sergio Alvarez Sergio Alvarez

    Wow... nice effect with the texture and the gradient in the header

    over 3 years ago

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