Sky Sports // UI Concept

Being a huge football fan, last week I checked in at the world's leading sports website, Sky to look at the latest news / gossip etc…

While I was there I was just irritated by how disconnected the design and UI felt. It just looked loose, abit too generic, not complete or considered.

Following this, I decided to redesign it's layout / experience with my very own concept. I decided to start in the football (choose your favorite team) section.

Choosing Manchester United 'of course' :) I developed some web and mobile layouts which I feel enhance the brand and excite the viewer (fan) to thier chosen team.

Using the main brand / primary colour of the team, my concept is to use this to drive the imagery and news stories into a much more exciting arena. A true fan is a fan for only one team, so my design suggests to compliment this theory and to push high volume your particular clubs stories, news and stats.

Look forward to your thoughts and there is a lot more to come.

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