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Critique and comments appreciated, and please do view the full image in the attachment. :)

Ok, finally spared the time and energy to do some design again!
I had been growing less fond of the book paradigm as it started becoming problematic (for example, limited space to add new features). Furthermore, the book paradigm felt over-designed. As a user I find speed is key in such an app and I was worried of over-complicating, over-designing and bogging the app down. It became clear that using a UITabBar view held much stronger logic.
The tipping point was when I discovered there was already a dictionary app which used the exact same idea (of a book swiping side to side): Discourse by Emilio Pelaez and Mathieu White. Admittedly it's not an English-German dictionary, but still… It's too similar and I felt uncomfortable using that approach any further.

So this is today's work, now using a UITabBar view. Everything visible is from scratch.
A lot of it is far from final (the name is only a placeholder; I only spent 5 minutes setting the main view's content up; tab bar still needs a lot of experimenting) but I felt like I should post something to dribbble after such a long time out.

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