How to get rid of nail fungus asap?

Toenail fungus is a very common problem or infection that we all want to treat asap. Do you know that there are some faster remedies for treating the infection? If you are getting irritated from it or do not want to go to the doctor then there are some remedies that you can try. Firstly, you should know that home remedies are for people who have infections in the initial stages. 

If the problem is worse you should get yourself to laser nail therapy. It helps to kill the microorganisms while making sure that the keratin is safe for your nails. You should know that it is one of the fastest methods that will help in a few sessions to have healthy nails. All the infections will come out of the toenail with the help of a professional. 

Also, for some people the case is different and the remedies might not get your results quickly. Some remedies over time ensure proper care that helps in the future. But if you want results now then you need to seek the help of a do0ctor. Home remedies can take months as you are treating it from the outside. 

There are oral medications as well for treating nail fungus that shows quick results. As the medication will treat it from the inside. But these things depend on your condition of yours. Sometimes taking a pill will treat you in 2 weeks. The main thing is that your keratin is safe. Let’s discuss your other options/remedies that are quite effective. 

  • Black tea:

The one thing you should know is that the problem of fungus arises because of the environment your feet are in. If they are wet all the time or you are wearing wet socks the chance is more of getting this problem. You have to use dry things and when it comes to the fungal infection, we have to dry out that area. Not too dry that it cracks your feet but fungus won’t live or spread in a dry area.

You can soak your feet in bla ck tea which should be cold to provide you comfort as well. It will enter through your pores and we all know that tea can dry out our bodies as well. 

  • Use of garlic:

Garlic has so many benefits as it contains a lot of chemicals that will completely wipe off fungus. It will burn it and ensure that you never have to suffer again from it. Moreover, garlic helps in the growth of your nails as well. As it has chemicals you might feel a little burning but apply the internal side to your nails and do not wash till 30 minutes. 

  • Use of new socks and shoes:

It is time you buy new socks or shoes because this problem can be cured with it. A lot of us overuse socks and some shoes in everyday life. The problem can be in the sole or the fabric of the socks as well. You might not be getting proper care from them. So, wearing them, again and again, is not a good idea. Some of us even wear dirty socks which can lead to nail fungus. So, replacing them, again and again, would be the perfect thing for you.

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Posted on May 16, 2022