Bark – A dog walking app

Bark Cover Screen

Can we create more trust when using an app to book dog walking services?

Bark is a a dog walking app designed with dog owners trust in mind.

three screen mockup

Research and Competitive Analysis

While conducting interviews and doing a competitive analysis of existing services, it became clear that my app would need to address the users' trust issues. The people that I talked to wanted clearer trust indicators regarding the walkers. They noted that anyone could become a walker with these services and that training was severely lacking. The competitive analysis backed this up with several negative reviews addressing this issue. 

Onboarding User Flow

Prototyping and Testing

The prototype was tested with dog owners who felt that this app addressed many of the trust issues that they had. 

From the test I learned that there were some points in the user flow that needed to be addressed. After making these changes the testers agreed that it was an easy process for booking a walk.

※ view the Figma prototype here 


My final testers agreed that they would feel comfortable using this app to book a walker for their dogs.

Future iterations of this app could include features such as:

• Video bios of the walkers

• GPS walk tracking

• FAQ section detailing walker selection and training

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