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Richard Burton
Richard Burton

After I got hold of the Apple Watch Design Resources from the WatchKit, I set about rebuilding the PSDs in Sketch pixel-for-pixel. However, after showing the document to @Meng To and @Christopher Downer, I realised that it’d be really useful to put all the PSDs into a single, easy-to-scroll image.

Some things to note:

* 42mm is on the left, 32mm is on the right.
* I added the details about the spacing between elements as this text was embedded in the layer names for the controls PSDs.
* I'm pretty sure that these pairs of PSDs are identical.



(I’ve marked that on the document but kept them separate in case the PSDs get updated.)

If you find this helpful please hit L to like this shot. If you’d like to say hello, I’m @ricburton on Twitter.

[I’m 19/288 into my year of shots.]

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Posted on Nov 21, 2014
Richard Burton
Richard Burton

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