The Unveiling: Fintory’s New Logo

Hello all,

Today is a very special day.

Today marks the day of a reinvention. Our reinvention.

We are updating our branding to be more clear about our vision and the future of Fintory.

But what does Fintory stand for?

Ambition. Passion. Innovation.  And Growth.

We have matured as a company. As a team. And with the rebranding, we want to demonstrate the growth of Fintory. And showcase the skills we have acquired over these last few years.

We believe that the skill, focus, and dedication we perpetually strive to bring to our clients, naturally should mirror the values of our brand.

Our brand update marks a new turning point in the history of Fintory.

We will continue to rise above the mainstream.

We will continue to inspire and be inspired.

We will continue to challenge the status quo.

Because challenging the status quo is our status quo.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.


We build digital products.

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