Alice Chuang

oPhone iPad Concept

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oPhone iPad Concept smellovision ipad ink stains artisanal app beets watercolor smells scents tablet senses onotes

One of my last projects at Intrepid was working on asset creation for the current oPhone iPad app. However, I was inspired by the idea of an artisanal branding for this esoteric app, and (for the fun of it) came up with a look & feel that showcases scents with beautiful, alluring photos, and then visually displays scents in the form of watercolor splotches.

Making the splotches was awesome, and also allowed me to layer scents in a way that I felt was more true to how smells work than mixing colors in gradient form. Like watercolors, smells can mix with one another but also maintain unique notes.

Attached are this screen, a description screen, and how this would look on an iPhone.

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