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Hire Genius is all-in-one cloud-based toolkit for recruiters. All the processes, templates, data, communication tools and analytics seamlessly built in one thing.


We started working on the project with a significant research, explored the brand precisely and identification of the client's needs.

After that we prepared several concepts with different levels of complexity:

It was difficult for the client to decide which of the presented versions is more suitable for his request and after several iterations of the concepts, we settled that the animation should demonstrate the main features of the product.

The client wanted the main features of the product to smoothly and elegantly transition into the logo.

We have prepared several options for icon sets that fully correspond to the client's vision:

The client decided on the direction and after that we proceeded to animation.

Also after preparing the animation, we made a sound design and several additional versions for different uses purposes.

The Intro Animation 

Quick Reveal Version 

Icon Only Animation

What client says about us:

"Many thanks for this, looks awesome!" 

Daniel Malka, Director 


🔥 Want to get a logo animation?

Feel free to reach out: a@alexgo.co

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