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The client

Haystack is a collaboration platform that keeps organizations connected by providing a centralized hub for knowledge, communication, and people. Through Haystack, organizations can streamline internal communication, accelerate productivity, improve alignment, and empower their workforce.

Founded in Los Angeles, Haystack is a team of curious and creative explorers on a mission to make big companies feel smaller.

The challenge

Haystack needed a consistent brand, design language, and a CMS-backed website to scale them into Series A and beyond. Their website lacked depth and striking visuals, so they wanted to amplify their brand visibility and showcase their product in an easily digestible way.

The solution

We researched, strategized, and designed the new Haystack visual identity, supported by a spanking new website with an easy-to-use design system and Webflow integration.

We aimed to convey their personality through visuals - that’s why we created a clean, simple yet sophisticated, and ownable identity. Haystack team had an idea of an ideal mark from the beginning - that’s why we proposed a solution based on simple geometrical shapes that leverage negative space and evoke the purpose of the platform; creating a shared culture in one place.

The result

After four months of collaboration, we successfully launched the new Haystack brand and website integrated into a bespoke Webflow CMS. We’re proud to be part of Haystack’s journey and working closely with Cameron Lindsay and Yvonne Chen to build new ways companies maintain culture and bring people together.


Firstly, thanks to Cameron Lindsay, Yvonne Chen, and the rest of the Haystack team for trusting us with their re-brand. It was great collaborating together.

Big thanks to BB team including Zrinka, Michaela, Vicente, Wesley, Max, Donny, and Filip.

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