What is Récibook?

Specialized for young people, Récibook creates audio experiences to increase customer‘s brand awareness by inventing new stories, or adapting existing ones.

What was the challenge?

A brand such as Récibook should shout joy, creativity, and childish curiosity. While the team behind the company is nothing less than that, their website as a key marketing tool was misaligned with their company culture, and their service offerings.

That‘s why we stepped in to design a website that visually expresses everything what Récibook is and does, thus providing a better brand picture to their customers.

And to put a cherry on top, we came up with a logomark—a blend of audio waves and a microphone.

Services provided

❋ Visual identity

❋ Website design

The team

Zlatko Najdenovski - Logo, Website design, Art direction

Jovana Trajanova - Visual design

☞ Visit www.recibook.fr

—・• ● •・—

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