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Creating a good MobileApp is no easy task. Creating a popular one is even harder!

Everything that makes your smartphone indispensable can be applied to a mobile app. You just have to recall the main reasons for our phone addiction. There are seven key reasons, each of which serves as a user magnet and an important indicator of an effective app.

✔️ Usefulness. Economy. A quick way to get what you want

✔️ Emotional interaction. Feedback

✔️ Trigger, Action, and Reward

✔️ Importance and control

✔️ Surprises

✔️ User investments

✔️ Enjoyment and relaxation

The things that make the smartphone so essential, enjoyable, and indispensable can be found in any popular app. There are seven of them, and each of them serves as a magnet. These criteria are an organic part of marketing strategy and UX/UI design, facilitating user retention and loyalty. 

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