02/18/2022 - Fujica ST705 study

This camera is special. It was gifted to me by Luke, my wife's grand-father. It's a Fujica ST705, a 35mm SLR, made from 1976 to 1979. It came to me with a Fujinon 55mm f1.8 lens. I since then added a neat 35mm f2.8 Fujinon to the glass collection.

He gifted it with me over a decade ago. I took some images, and promptly forgot about the roll of film. I found the film not too long ago, got it processed, and now I'm that guy that buys (too?) many film cameras.

Luke turned a hundred years old in January. He's not well right now, and cancer can again go fuck itself right off. We went to visit him recently, and it's only fitting that the gentleman that sparked my love for film photography has been immortalized on many frames, that I can't wait to get processed.

I drew the camera using RetroSupply Co.'s messy inker brush, that can be found in their mid-century brush pack. I also added some paper textures for good measure on top.

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