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Sharing with you a brand new Design System which Include Typography, Color Palate, Icongraphy, Button and many more components...

Dcycle is Very Fresh New Design Startup in India a very Experiance team with great Leraning and Growing approach

How did we help? 

— We overhauled user experience on primary flows. 

— We redesigned the platform from the smallest atom to the most complex organism. 

— We developed the front end of the platform using React/Next.js 

— We built a comprehensive Design System to help with scaling the white-label environment.

One interesting point How do you define a color system for a white-label application? We managed to structure the color system where the users can brand their dashboard by picking a primary color. Our development team integrated a JavaScript function that automatically changes the text and icon color between white and black based on the contrast level of the primary color. This was done to maintain AA standards of accessibility. All other colors used in the platform are system colors that have been defined with the new design system.

Services we provided 

— UX research 

— Product research 

— Product design 

— UI Design

— Product development 

— Design System build (with code)

— React/Next js

— Python

Big Thanks for Everyone who's supporting us and please share Love and Support

We are Design Agency

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