CX Trends 2022 Art Direction

Our hero asset for the campaign is a puzzle visual that represents knowledge gained throughout the CX Trends experience. As readers advance through the campaign (and Interactive Report) our puzzle can be represented as filled, empty, or somewhere in between.

The shapes each represent a piece of the CX Trends puzzle. A dynamic element that ties back to a lesson or idea within the campaign. Multiple mixed shapes can be seen in places where ideas are intermingled such as within the report. As you travel through the campaign shapes can be collected and will be used as a signifier of progress within the interactive report.

You can check out the CX Trends campaign and interactive experience here:

Team Credit

Brand Design: Sam Bathe, Larissa Vaz, Kimberly Mar, Margarida Chincho, Cristina Mendoza Magari, Adam Menton, Silvana Yaneva, Arienne Gagui, Paige Carrington, Marta Dymek, Eve Spears, Hazel Wong, Elias Rabeh, Erin Pinkley

Copy: Corey Gedrose, Kendrick Hammond, Julia Oller

Illustration: Kimberly Mar, Margarida Chincho

Production: Philip Kanaris, Kevin Tsukii, Ariana Blair, Beryl Baker

Video: Marja Siu, Rob Hiroshima

Sound Design: Daniel Peterson

And our wonderful agency partners at One Darnley Road on the site build, and Even/Odd on the campaign promo video.

Posted on Apr 27, 2022

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