CX Trends 2022

At the turn of the year Zendesk launched CX Trends 2022, our annual trend and thought leadership report — and one of the company’s biggest marketing drivers. The report combines data from our Benchmark program, alongside surveys from over 97,000 customers, agents, CX managers, and more. CX Trends provides key insights, challenges, and opportunities for the year ahead for anyone involved in the customer experience industry.

You can check out the CX Trends campaign and interactive experience here:

It takes a village to create a CX Trends campaign, so huge kudos to all of these wonderful collaborators from across the Zendesk Brand team:

Erin Pinkley, VP Creative

Larissa Vaz, Creative Director

Sam Bathe, Associate Creative Director

Philip Kanaris, Brand Producer

Corey Gedrose, Associate Copywriter

Kim Mar, Brand Designer

Margarida Chincho, Brand Designer

Adam Menton, Senior Production Designer

Paige Carrington, Production Designer

Cristina Mendoza Magari, Senior Brand Designer

Julia Oller, Brand Copywriter

Rob Hiroshima, Motion Design Manager

Marja Siu, Motion Graphics Designer

Ariana Blair, Brand Producer

Daniel Peterson, Senior Sound Designer

Marta Dymek, Brand Imagery Lead

Eve Spears, Senior Brand Designer

Silvana Yaneva, Senior Digital Designer

Kevin Tsukii, Senior Brand Producer

And our wonderful agency partners at One Darnley Road on the site build, and Even/Odd on the campaign promo video.

A blend of art, copy, video, and design.

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