Caleb Heisey

The Trash Creature

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The Trash Creature monster scary black

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I loved participating in the Monster Project. Check out more about it here:

I also wrote up a little thing to accompany my monster.

From paper and boxes thrown out on the road.
From cans and McDonalds that still won’t erode.
Bubbling and brewing, look how it’s growing!
The Trash Creature lurks in his garbage abode.

Beware of the monster, this much I can tell:
Its villainous odor is such a terrible smell!
Shards of aluminum fill its detestable grin,
Roaches and fungus crawl out from its skin.

It loves plastic wrappers, bags, and utensils,
Your childhood bike and erasers from pencils.
The Trash Creature eats old batteries for lunch,
Some glass bottles for dinner, a flavorful crunch!

Anything you toss is a delectable treat,
So heed this advise for the creatures defeat:
Recycle the stuff that won’t decompose,
Aluminum, plastic, or your brother’s old clothes.

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