Hey guys, I'm sure everyone here at least heard a lot about NFTs, some people tried to mint their first collection, and some have already become NFT Rock Stars.

As for me, I have always dreamed of being an artist.

Surreal Dreams is my 2nd NFT collection representing 2D abstract artworks I made using my iPad and trying to depict my dreams right after waking up into even more surreal digital art pieces through 3D.


iPad Pro + Procreate App

Cinema 4D + Octane Render

Dream 01 — Escape

✨Available on Foundation

Dream 03 — Night City

✨Available on Foundation

Dream 04 — Flashlight

✨Available on Foundation

Dream 06 — Unity

✨Available on Foundation

Dream 07 — Storm

✨Available on Foundation

Dream 09 — Space

✨Available on Foundation

✦ Branding, Websites & 3D Motion for innovative companies

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