Inflow • App website for people with ADHD

Inflow is an app for people with ADHD to learn about their brain and find techniques to overcome their challenges. As someone with neurodiversity, I was immediately interested, especially since it's developed by clinicians specialising in ADHD.

Building their new visual identity was super interesting, because I learnt a lot about designing for people with ADHD, their preferences and what helps their mind process information easily.

When designing for a neurodivergent audience, it's important to balance blocks of texts with images. It helps bring a structure that is necessary for us. You can use icons next to your headings to make the text easier to grasp. And when it comes to colours, it's best to use muted and pastel hues – they're less overwhelming.

Too many images can confuse readers. So they should only be used to structure the page. Another thing that needs to be avoided is superimposing text over an image. It's not even a question of alt-text, it's just harder to process. Finally, photographs work better than illustrations for this specific audience.

Case study

Posted on Apr 24, 2022
Tamara Sredojevic
Freelance UX designer for people on a mission

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