Social Shopping App

Do you want social shopping app for your business? Well, I can help you!

First of all: you have picked up the right industry for starting your app business; that's good. Now, coming to my side: I work with my developer team, and we have already delivered social shopping apps for our different clients. 

With your social shopping apps, you can narrow down the distance between social media & e-commerce platforms. You can turn the traditional way of solo shopping into engaging social shopping by including these listed features in your app: 

  • Live streaming for sharing product experiences by customers: 

  • Group buying allows shoppers to buy the product in bulk to get discounts. 

  • AR virtual try-on can help users try cosmetics, glasses & other facial products.

  • Facebook app integration to allow sellers to import product catalog feed with images, prices, and descriptions.

  • Instagram app integration allows sellers to add buy links of products on Instagram posts and stories. 

  • The Instagram in-app checkout button will help users place orders straight from the Instagram app.

  • WhatsApp integration will allow buyers to connect with sellers and purchase products on WhatsApp

  • Live video creator helps sellers by allowing them to broadcast live presentations for their products 

  • Enabling affiliate programs can help you to get more product sales & promotions  

  • Showcasing AI-based product recommendations on buyers' newsfeeds for getting more sales and engagement

The buyers will be able to share their product shopping experience among their friends and close ones from your app. 

The idea behind social shopping apps is that friend's purchases and recommendations influence individuals.

Due to the booming market growth: many entrepreneurs plan to develop social shopping apps for their businesses. Get in touch through a free consultation call to explore your options!

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