How Can I Create My Logo?


What is the process of creating a logo? Which are the best Logo designing services tools for free? Wanna know these things? You need to go through this article once:

Many best logo designing services in India help you create a logo for your company. You can also use logo design tools to make your Logo. You can create a compelling logo that fits your brand in a few minutes using AI technology.

Logo and Logo Designing

A logo is a symbol, emblem, or brand mark that reflects the qualities and personality of a brand or a company. It is made up of images and text. 

The process of creating a logo using images, texts, and technologies for a company is the logo designing process. Your company's Logo should define its values to your customers and help in lead generation tips.

Different Types of Logo Design Used For Company

There are mainly 9 types of logos that logo design services make for a company -

  • Wordmarks/Logotypes

  • Letterforms

  • Lettermarks/Monogram Logos

  • Logo Symbols/Brand Marks/Pictorial Marks

  • Abstract Logo Marks

  • Mascots

  • Emblems

  • Combination Marks

  • Dynamic Marks

Different Logo Design Tools

Some best tools that logo design online services use for logo designing -

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Affinity Designer

  • Canva Logo Maker

  • Tailor Brands Logo Maker

  • Looks

  • Designhill Logo Maker

  • ICONA Logo Maker

  • Logo Design Studio Pro Online

A General Logo Designing Process 

A logo design process consists of the following 7 steps -

  • Determine the Brand's Goal

Before you start creating a logo, it is crucial to make it clear what is your brand's goal like

  • Why do you want a logo design?

  • What do you want to convey through the logo to the audience?

  • Define your brand's voice.

A logo designer understands that evaluating a brand is the first important step in logo design. Therefore, Professional logo design services near me provide you with a questionnaire form or direct contact you to ask these things.

  • Research out The Market

The second thing is to adequately research the market to get an idea to make a perfect logo design for your company. Reaching the market includes -

  • What is the trend?

  • What type of logo designs do your competitors use?

  • Which Logo technique is best for the company?

  • Which logo technique should you avoid?

  • Create a List for the Application of Logo

In this phase, you have to list where you want to use these logos. It is also known as the Application Discovery phase. Some of the cases where you can use your logo designs are -

  • Website icons

  • Social Media Profiles and Banners

  • Signs and banners

  • Product packaging

  • Advertisements

  • Email marketing campaigns

  • Marketing swag (pens, shirts, mugs, etc.)

  • Business cards

  • Company letterheads (invoices, internal documents)

4. Sketching Phase

to make a creative logo, you have to brainstorm your mind as much as possible. Look out for the designs on Google and Pinterest and try to make a unique logo by combining different designs. Draw other ideas for the logo on the paper first until you draw a perfect one. These are helpful brand identity tips that help you scale your business.

5. Create the designs in a Vector Software

Now you have a bunch of sketches of logo designs, choose at least 3 best drawings, and recreate them in design software to give it shape. Then, make it more creative using logo colors and typography. Also, focus on the logo's scalability to be zoomed to any size in its original quality.

6. Collect Feedbacks

It will be more beneficial to refine the logo with the other's feedback on your logo design. You can show the logo to your friends, clients, and company workers to ask their opinion about the design. If you find any feedback valuable for your logo, then update it.

7. Create Final Files And Deliver the Final Logo

Your logo design is completed. If you are satisfied with it, deliver it to your clients in a suitable file format. The best file formats are -

  • AI

  • EPS

  • PDF

  • PNG

  • SVG

  • JPG

How to Create Your Logo for Free?

To create a logo for free, you can use any free logo design services. Let's understand it by taking the example of the Canva Application -

  • Install the app Canva and open it.

  • Launch the app and search for the "logo" to create your Logo.

  • Now select a suitable professional template for your logo design. You can choose from the templates library to customize yourself.

  • Next, customize your logo design with suitable fonts, color combinations, text, images, etc.

  • Make the design more creative using icons, images, stickers, and vectors.

  • Now your Logo is ready.

  • Download the Logo in suitable formats like JPEG, PNG, and PDF files for printing.

  • Share it on all your marketing and branding materials.


Creative logos are not easy to make; they need good thinking, exploring, and researching. Your company's log should be simple, flexible, memorable, timeless, and versatile, If you find it difficult, hire the best logo design company in Noida. They will definitely solve your problem.


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