🔥Branding - Black Sheep

💼 Who is client?*

  • Susanne von Sonnenberg is a mother of a family of four

  • Is passionate about sustainability & fair trade issues

  • Moves to her own farm to continue the family agricultural business

  • The farm includes a herd of about 300 sheeps

  • Most animals no white wool and thus deviate from norm

  • Sheeps bought at that time, because many farmers give animals cheap (white wool is easier to dye and better to sell)

  • Family to date sold wool for further production, therefore color does not matter

  • Susanne would like to make a statement and make "impure" wool a special product

💻 What was our task?

  • Conception of a coherent brand strategy

  • Finding and defining a brand name

  • Conception of icon and logo design

  • Coordination and definition of font type

  • Creation of a suitable color 

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*This project is an example, the above information is solely to get a more detailed picture of my workflow.

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Posted on Apr 18, 2022

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