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Hi Guys,

I have 2 dribbble invites. How to get them:

1) Send me link on your portfolio or send me dribbble shots (800x600 / 400x300 ) - it will be better.
Add link to your dribbble profile :)
My mail:

2) If you want, it would be nice, you can Follow me on Twitter or on Dribbble (don't worry it's not a obligation just if you like my works :)).

That's all!
Good Luck !
(result first week of December :))

Update 19/11/2014:
After a few days of deliberation and lack of time, I decided to choose two people who best correpondre my idea of ​​what should be a good " Dribbble " seemed to me. I have received on other candidates , who were also good, but we had to make a choice ( it was hard :)) but I keep the other below the elbow , and they will be the first to benefit my future invitations .
So congratulations to Marc Obieglo and Ana Filip and I hope to see beautiful things :)

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