Conquer Book Promo Concept

After all that has happened through my son Henry's treatment and recovery, I have been pulling together my journals, scribbles and experience in to a book. It's still very much a work in progress, and a long way off yet, but wanted to work on a possible concept to replace the current blog website for Conquer currently. I wanted to have consistencies between this concept and the book. The title will be 'Finding my way through the dark'... the story and cover design will stay quite minimal, focusing on just black and white, echoing the light and dark throughout, However, there will be pull out quotes, biblical truths and encouraging messages in full colour as these truly brought brightness, boldness and strength in a dark dark time.

Thought a refresh was due as, thankfully, we are in a different season now. However, I will keep the blog on this new approach in case folks want to read the journey until the book is finished!

Current website:

Posted on Apr 15, 2022
Julie McClements
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