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Abut the client

This is G-CREATIVE, a group of people united by love for marketing, slayers of bad content, coaches of effective outreach. They'll handle all that commercial stuff for your brand so you don't have to worry about it! 🤟

The stakeholders chose to construct a brand image based on "Fun" and "Rebellious" characteristics during the design sprint workshops we held. This choice naturally helped to distinguish the firm from its competitors in the sector.

G-CREATIVE is greatly strengthened by the synergistic effect of providing consumers with more than simply online advertising as a result of the smooth collaboration with it's twin brand.

How we helped?

We imagined G-CREATIVE as a joyful and and easy-going brand in the contrary to it's toned-down twin G-GROUP.

G-CREATIVE is more human-centered and specializes in functioning in a constantly changing environment, where it's critical to respond effectively to emerging events.

Visual communication reflects the dynamic and innovative nature of the agency. Unlike it's twin brand, G-CREATIVE is more fun and open to unconventional solutions. As a playful brand it can be represented by the various colors from it’s palette.

Key Visual construction

G-CREATIVE likes play with metaphors and associations. It tries to take an innovative approach to the every message it conveys.

Visuals consist of 3 main layers. The base is usually a colorful background filled with gradient or one of the brand’s textures. The content of the presented messages is reflected by a photo maintained in black and white color space strongly contrasting with the background underneath it.

As a consequence of our work, we were able to provide our client with two distinct brand guidelines, print materials and websites. You may compare the result of our cooperation by viewing both case studies that that we just released:

G-GROUP case study âž”


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