Zendesk Service Solution Video

A still from our new Service Solution video – an explainer video that positions Zendesk as one comprehensive solution for customer service.

A design challenge for this project was to show new product capabilities in an approachable, human way. The collage art direction gives the video a feeling of being handmade, while also conveying a sense of flexibility and customization.

Check out the video here!

Team Credits:

Erin Pinkley, Kevin Cline, Ariana Blair, Elyse Kanagaratnam, Raven Wadley-Wright, Gina Meredith, Faustine Gheno, Eve Spears, Tori Cincotta, Rob Hiroshima, Colin Thomas, Daniel Petersen, Marta Dymek, Arienne Gagui, Elias Rabeh, and Betsy Field

Posted on Apr 14, 2022
A blend of art, copy, video, and design.

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