Haskibo UI Update

It’s great to see design progress jumps during the last 3 years.

A year ago I decided to develop this project myself without programmers. So I had to brush up on my knowledge of PHP, Javascript and learn React, GraphQL, OAuth and a ton of other shit in the evenings to make sure the result wasn't complete shit.

At the moment I'm just doing the fine-tuning and the project can see the light of day. I believe at the end of next month.

Dealing with the concept, brand, design, visual, development, marketing, etc. alone is sometimes difficult, but I love it! I know there's a lot of shit to come, but I'm ready for it.

✅ Learn hard

✅ Practice hard

✅ Work hard

Haskibo is daily-based skills and habits diary that helps you grow self-reflection and self-improvement based on data.

📩 For beta access give me to know at hi@frantatoman.com

✌️Have a great day

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Franta Toman
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