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Must Try North East Indian Food

North East India's food is called the Seven Sisters of North East India. They are known for their rare natural elegance, as well as amazing God-given wonders. In the North India Bareilly is the city of love and taste which actually bring the different taste. People are searching for the Family Restaurants In Bareilly while visiting the place. Because this is one of the place which is famous for it’s different kind of food and taste.


Must Try Foods in North East India

Must Try Foods North East

India's North-East has a diverse mix of people and cultures. Their cuisine and also flavors are as diverse as their vibrant lives. Many of their dishes feature simple, tasty and also flavorful fresh ingredients such a bamboo shoot, Bhut Jolokia, or regional greens. While many dishes may contain meat, these dishes are extremely light as well lip-smackingly enjoyable. Mustard oil is used to enhance flavour.


9 food options from north east India that will make you hungry


1. Khar from Assam

Mati Dalir KharMati Dalir Khar

Khar is a staple of Assam's traditional meals. This dish features a unique mix of red rice, beaten vegetables and raw papaya with traditional Assamese flavors.


2. Pitha in Assam

Assamese Khola pithaAssamese Khola pitha

Pitha is a common snack found in Assam. Pitha is an Assam local snack. For breakfast, salty Pitha can be covered in light butter or tea. Combine light spices and sugar with rice to make thin tubes. The Pitha is after that fried/roasted/barbequed inside the hollow bamboo stem and also this gives the pitha a unique taste. The pitha is available in sweet and savory versions, although most locals prefer the sweet one. This delicious snack is made with beaten cream and molasses.


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3. Nagaland Smoked Pork

Smoked PorkSmoked Pork

Nagaland's pork delicacies are well-known. Here, Pork is the main source of their meat. The outside of the smoked pork dish is crispy, while the meat inside is succulent and succulent. The pork pieces can be cut into small pieces. The pork meal is marked by the presence and intense smokey flavor. To enhance the flavors of pork, additional ingredients such as Akhuni, a fermented soya bean, and anishi are added. Raja Mirchi, the most potent chilly anywhere in the universe, is infused into the pork to create a fiery hue. This smoked pork curry tastes wonderful with plain steamed white rice.


4. Galho


Galho is an Indian dish similar to khichdi. It's a dish made from rice, lentils, and is popular in many parts of India. Galho is prepared almost exclusively with meat. Khichdi, on the other hand, is a vegetarian meal. Smoked pork, also known as beef, is the choice meat. Also, the dish's flavour is enhanced with axone (fermented bean), which is a key ingredient for many Northeast Indian recipes. In some cases, people used pork fat in the preparation of the recipe. Interestingly, pork fat was recently listed as one among the most nutritious foods. It is simple to combine all the ingredients and get a bowlful delicious, healthy food.


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5. Thukpa- A Taste of Arunachal Pradesh

Thukpa is thought to originate in Tibet. However the recipe has seen a lot of changes and is now a popular choice among Arunachal residents. It can be made with either level noodles or meat. Thenthuk, which is similar to the above dish, uses hand-pulled and attack-sized noodles in place of flat noodles. This warm and comforting recipe is best enjoyed during cold winters in Arunachal Pradesh.


6. Kelli Chana- Manipur spicy peppers

Kelli ChanaKelli Chana

Kellichana is a Manipuri street food. Kelli, an older lady selling spicy chickpeas underneath a tree gave the dish its name. It is made with flavorful ingredients and flavors, with chickpeas the core ingredient. Kelli Chana, a traditional dish, is served on lotus leaves. It adds a lovely local flavor and freshness to the delicious dish.


7. Tenga Fish

Tenga is a delightfully aromatic fish meal. This fish preparation uses locally caught fish, sourced from Assam’s rivers. The addition of lots of sun dried tomatoes, green chilies and lemon skin gives this dish a fresh and appealing flavor. Usually, the fish will be fried with mustard oil before being curried with bottle gourd and spinach. Tenga is a popular side dish from Assame. It can be enjoyed with simple white Rice, as well as other Assamese dishes.


8. Jadoh from Meghalaya


Jadoh is an Indian Meghalayan food that is very popular. It is also a favorite in the North Eastern food chain of India. Jadoh typically uses Amrmbrosial or Meghalayan speciality rice. This rice is long-grained, has a unique fragrance and is low in gluten. Jadoh requires very little oil for preparation. It is much healthier than the traditional Pulavs eaten in India. The vegan Jadoh can be seasoned with tomato and tinda as well as potato and also with okra. On the other hand, the non vegetarian Jadoh can be stuffed with delicious pieces o pork.


9. Chikhvi ("Tripura")

This dish hails from Tripura. This dish is made using stir-fried bamboo stalks and sliced pork. It's a great combination of smokiness, as well as deliciousness. The pork is well prepared, with just a touch of moisture in every bite.


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