Album cover for Chris Medina - The Devil Inside

Was honored to work on the cover art for my good friend, Chris Medina’s new single. The lyrics are raw and incite inner perspective of battling oneself and it’s all consuming control it can have over us. The art is open to interpretation but I decided (and knowing Chris for 20 years now) to showcase the shadowy version of ourselves that we can’t seem to detach from, and perhaps shouldn’t. If we could bridge these feelings of disconnect we often feel, perhaps we will feel more whole. The figure is cladded in a hoodie to symbolize youth, which is where much of our inner turmoil stems from. I also chose to incorporate the Belladonna flower, a deadly nightshade said to represent the devil himself as well as danger and betrayal. 🖤 

Here's a link to the song on Spotify!

Diana Terry
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