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Stand Concept [WIP]

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Stand Concept [WIP] app iphone health fitness stand concept ios get up app idea stand up ui uiux

Apparently sitting all day is really bad. Well, I sit a lot when I'm working. So, I was thinking there should be some simple app that reminds me to get up from working every hour or so. I got to work on a concept of how an app like that might work and look. Heres the result.

It needs a lot of work, but heres the basic idea: The app works to remind you in increments of time, so every hour (or whatever amount of time you set it to) it will remind you to stand up and stretch your legs a bit. The circle shows that you got up at least once in the hour (the "you stood up x/x" definitely needs to be reworded to explain it better).

What do you think? I ♥︎ feedback! Would you be interested in something like this? I'm tempted to make it but I need to know if there's demand.

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