Mars Odyssey Slot Machine

You have always wanted to walk on mars, converse with aliens, bring home some cash, right? Who hasn’t? Now you can do all of those things and more in this 5-reel 20-paylines Mars Odyssey video slot machine powered by SkillonNet software. 

Found in the slot machine section of MPOAPI Casino, players will find all the games offered by this developer completely unique and unlike any other games online. The theme will attract both Sci-fi junkies as well as anyone that can appreciate a fantastic slot game.

The theme is out of this world, literally. You will find as you spin the reels that there are more aliens and space icons than classic slot machine symbols. The symbols in the game do payout well, especially for five on an enabled payline. These are not just any aliens, these are cute and humorous cartoon-like life forms that appear on the reels with monetary rewards if lady luck is on your side. 

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The colorful creatures payout for two or more symbols and the highest paying Alien would be the little red guy with the heart shaped glasses. He pays 5,000 coins in normal mode and 20,000 coins in feature mode with a multiplier for five symbols on an active payline.

There are 20 paylines in the Mars Odyssey slot and the coin denominations start as low as 0.05 and go up to 1.00 credits. The minimum bet at 1.00 may be a little steep for the low rollers and modest players, and the maximum bet of 20.00 credits may be perfect for the riskier players. No matter your bankroll, you will be able to enjoy Mars Odyssey because the paylines may be reduced.

Wild, Scatter and Bonus Features

The wild in The Mars Odyssey slot is the “Wild” Alien symbol and will substitute for all symbols on the payline. This symbol will help create more winning paylines, and it appears often as I play this game. I like the fact that this slot is simple, complex and exciting all at the same time.

When I say simple I mean there are no scatters, free spins or anything else besides the “Bonus Point” feature. As you play, you will earn bonus points which will accumulate until you reach 1,000 points. Once you reach this amount you will be taken to the feature where you will have an extra chance to win some cash.

The more you bet, the faster the points add up. If you are looking for a change from the everyday slot machines, I highly recommend EU Casino and their wide range of unique slot games, including Mars Odyssey for your next gaming adventure.

There are many themes combined with a slot machine to make it attractive to fans. One of the themes adapted by super heroes like Fantastic Four.

About Fantastic Four Slot Machine

From Playtech and Marvel comes this highly anticipated online slot machine based on the film The Fantastic Four. The graphics are very funny and don't really resemble a blockbuster and we were given the option to bet a minimum of £2.50 per spin up to £1250.00 per spin, away from our league so we are back to betting as small as possible but on 25 win lines. Find this game on the legit MPO Slot site if you play from the Asian region.

The paytable gave plenty of information and gave good scatter options with all the favorite movie characters there, this was obviously the best part that we needed to look for, apart from the jackpot of course. 

There was no actual music during the game and the only sounds came along when something was won. For a 25 line slot machine we felt it could have paid a bit more money out but hey that’s the luck of the game, if it was that easy then everyone would be doing it.

It was not long at all before we were awarded the special feature which gave us the option to choose one of five games to involve either Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, The Thing and Dr Doom. 

Depending on which game we selected, we would be given different deals and on looking through them we felt Ben Grimm offered the best deal with 15 free games, with each payout generated by its own multiplier, others were providing triple payouts and doubles but felt the need to see what “The Thing” had to offer.

Whilst Ben Grimm would flash onto the screen and smash it, giving us a multiplier that did not get higher than 4x we were very happy as the total then boomed when Ben gave us a 7x bonus which took our total past £120!! This was a good bonus and one worth considering when taking if you get that far. As for the others I am not sure but the random multiplier really did it for us.

This Fantastic Four slot machine is spot on and if you're as lucky as us, then you're probably going for the next premiere. Very good gameplay, good bonuses, great prizes and all this puts this slot machine into the high 90s on the ranking panel as does the Mars Odyssey Slot Machine.

Posted on Apr 11, 2022

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