Daily UX Writing Challenge: Day 4

Long time but here's Day 4 of the UX Writing Challenge.

The message starts with an eye-catching headline giving a slight hint of the body waiting on the other side of the door (pun intended). It is then followed by a short to-the-point message on what the whole thing is about.

As suggested by the challenge, the user will be opening this app in the supermarket. If there's a pop-up with a 10-line text, there's a good chance the user won't even read it. So instead of a pop-up, I tried breaking down the whole message into two screens.

A downside to this could be that the user won't even see the short pop-up thing that slides in to the app once they open it. But it's always better than a full screen pop-up.

Tried adding some interaction to the prototype to show how the user would actually be experiencing this promotional UI.

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