2013 - Hijab Syar'i WordPress Theme

After working on a WordPress theme in a previous project, I encourage myself to jump into another project to start making money. 🤩

My first client is a woman entrepreneur who sells hijab 🧕; my cousin introduced me to her, and our business relationship is terrific. At first, I offered her graphic design services, but she need a website that could sell her product.

At that time, e-commerce such as Tokopedia or Shopee was not as popular as now.

The budget she gave me to create a website is only RP500,000 ($39), including hosting and domain 😝. I took a tiny profit, but I found making an e-commerce website challenging.

I started exploring how to make transactions in WordPress, and I found an effortless way: using the WooCommerce plugin 🛍. After all the available features, customization of many pages is necessary, like payment methods, shipping methods, etc. 🤯

The website helps customers purchase the hijab more efficiently; what a great success for me! ✨


Niyu Avril - Web Designer & Developer

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Posted on Apr 6, 2022

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