ZARA Webpage Redesign


Designed in Figma.

Zara is a notoriously tricky to navigate clothing site. The brand itself appeals to high fashion aesthetics at relatively low costs. To lean into this artistic, avante garde look the site often feels like art museum instead of a user-friendly space. The goal of this project was to redesign Zara’s homepage to better serve it purposes as a buyer’s platform and also to improve the intuitive user experience.

I brought the main categories of clothing up to the top bar, whereas they are typically nested off to the side out of immediate view. I also tried to segment the main homepage in a logical manner more typical to online retail, showcasing various sales, collections, and social media feeds. The Zara brand is sparse and minimalistic. I was careful to not over-design this main page in order to align with this fact.

Available for Freelance.

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Posted on Apr 2, 2022
Lilli Vehikite
Designer open to freelance work.

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