Park One Exclusive and Park One

So this cool project landed in my lab. A TV spot with 3D visualisation of various Park One parking discs with focus on the Park One Exclusive Black Edition. I got the job through my old work at Kailow and it involved people there, myself and my buddy Michael to wrap it up. It aired on Danish TV November 1st 2014.

The modelling work included one model of Park One Exclusive and one model of the regular Park One disc. 5 versions total were created with different textures and shaders. Lighting was a simple IBL based studio setup with a few reflection cards added. Modelled in Maya and rendered with mentalray. The car in the beginning is a purchased model (Audi R8).

Extra render passes of the car windows and car paint with different IBL’s were created to help the illusion of the car being in an outdoor environment.

Lasse Salling: 3D modelling, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering, art direction.
Michael Hall Mauritzen: 3D animation, comp, post, art direction.
Kailow Graphic: Project management, audio, speak, art direction.

View the TV spot here:
More images here:

Posted on Nov 2, 2014

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