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Assembly Landing

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Really happy with how the @Assembly brand and homepage came together. Props to @Jonathan Howell for his work on the brand + @Summer Teal Simpson and @callmeshub for content strategy and copywriting.

Now it's time to pass this bad boy to @Andy Fought so he can flex his muscles on the front end and subtle animations. Super excited to see what the final experience is like.

I just noticed the screen shot in the browser is not centered on the site. Doh! Just FYI that little area will contain an animation/streaming video of a users path around the site exploring projects and Assembly activity.


If you are interested in our branding process and some great assets check out the two links below...

I've written up a detailed post on crafting a great branding delivery. The important things that i've learned over the years...

And a brand presentation template for @Sidecar

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