Color glitch textures volume 03

Folks, here's The Shop's third collection of glitched, over-the-top, color-saturated goodness. Introducing the color glitch textures, volume 03.

The scanner software's "improvements" strike again, in usual spectacular fashion. The resulting twenty-one (21) textures feature slightly more pastel tones than prior installments, but with similar noisy, grainy qualities. The source material is color heavy construction paper, which translates in prominent artifacts: fibers, grain, and more.

The set makes for great background starters, interesting overlays (Screen, Lighten, Overlay, Soft light, but also Hard light, Luminosity), and all around destroying of clean, polished artwork.

Each texture was scanned at 1,200 ppi, slightly edited in Photoshop (cropping, contrast, saturation), then finalized in crisp 18"x24" @ 300 ppi files.


- Twenty-one (21) textures

- 18"x24" @ 300 ppi (7,200 x 5,400 pixels)

- Archive size: 1.67 GB


- Color glitch textures volume 01:

- Color glitch textures volume 02:

- Color glitch textures volume 03:


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Color glitch textures volume 03
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