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Give me an N, give me an F, give me a T, give me NFT!

After months & months of passive observation and explanation about my job to my kids and parents, I decided that it was enough and figured out NFT’s should be something huge.

I'm a creative. It is my work, my art and my passion. And today, I'm doing my coming out and publicly admit that yes, I DO NFTs 😎. I'll be exploring this crazy space with a team of talented friends. They have all entered my life by what we call "Chance" 🍀 and I feel extremely lucky to have them around today.

Sooooo, we decided that our first collection will be focusing on that incredible mystical chaos that we call luck 💫.

Fellows, I'm excited to introduce you The Lucky Bones, a collection of 3D bad asses digital lucky charms craving to help you create your own luck!

We are now accepting our first 50 community members.

If you were looking for a 🦢, this is it! → 🍀



Posted on Mar 30, 2022
The Lucky Bones
Digital lucky charms, ready to trigger your chance.

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