Inspired by saltwater, waves, and Greg Brady's wipeout... Introducing Easy Coast. A display typeface (and merch collection!) with roots in wood blocks that are carved into retro, groovy, flowing shapes.

The font includes two widths: Regular and Condensed. The font was designed with mixing and matching those widths together to create neat lockups. Easy Coast is all-caps with letters, numbers, basic punctuation, alternate characters and a few symbols.

Wood Type Prints

Hand-printed by Dan at SBHQ here in Salem, Mass. We had wood type made by Type High Design of our Easy Coast font, then learned how to letterpress that into some beefy, high-quality Crane Lettra paper. These 8x10 prints are very limited and the first pressings we've made from the wood type!

Wood Type Ampersands

We made a limited edition of 50 genuine wood type ampersands from Easy Coast Regular. 10 pica/line (42.333mm). Machined from end grain English beech and shellacked for a polished finish. Made by our friends at Type High Design in Wales, UK.

Posted on Mar 29, 2022
Dan Cederholm
SimpleBits Design Co. Dribbble Co-Founder.

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