AppStore Screenshot Template PSD


As App Developer I love to spend all my time writing code and trying to make my apps run as smooth and fast on users devices. And sometimes we just can’t wait to ship our app and get it out to the AppStore or Google Play, that we forget one of the most important things about app marketing which is: “We all want to sell our apps or want as many user as possible to download it”. But what we end up doing is to take 5 screenshots of our app, and dump them on the AppStore. Our app might look great, but just dumping in-app screens is not sexy at all.

So to speed up my process, I've created this simple AppStore Screenshot Template, where I can add 5 screens and write a custom headline to each one of them, and push save.

I'm not a Photoshop ninja, so if you wanna to contribute to this template, please let me know :)

You can download the free PSD here

I also wrote a small article about this subject.

This template is based on @toffeenut's "Minimal iPhone 6 PSD"

Feel free to leave a comment, with your thoughts about this template :)

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