Tiny Bathroom · Isometric 3D

My first completed 3D render! Hope you like it!

The modeling for this little scene was completed in a day. I modeled this tiny bathroom from scratch using all original meshes + textures. I included a second, “clay” render to showcase the underlying forms without materials.

What do you think? What would you change?

Some background: the idea for this scene was originally to make a gym; the first thing I modeled was the towel folded on the bar. But once I saw the towel, it suggested a domestic bathroom rather than a gym, so I changed course. The result is a stylized idea of a clean, welcoming bathroom.

14.5K vertices, 26.8k triangles, isometric view (no perspective distortion). Thanks for any feedback!

Blender 3.1, rendered in Cycles,

John Manoogian III
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