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Weather Or Not

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I am so excited to finally show what I've been working on for the better half of this year! Long time coming...

Its a new iOS app called Weather or Not:

Is this another weather app, yes. Does it suck? No way bro. The basic premise is that I wanted a weather app that would stop just telling me what the weather was; that's great and all but I have to do my own extrapolation for what it means for my day. Why can't I see what the weather forecast is for specific events on my calendar? LIGHT BULB. Enter Weather Or Not. Want to see what the weather is going to be on your hike at 2pm this afternoon? Is that outdoor concert on Saturday night gonna get rained out? Weather Or Not answers those questions. Check out more features attached.

The highlights are:
- Interactive graph visualizations of temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, and more
- 7-day hourly forecast
- Calendar integration -- see weather for your events
- Set daily notifications for weather summaries
- Schedule weather notifications for your upcoming events
- Celsius/Fahrenheit
- iOS 8 Today Extension

We are submitting to the App store today so it should be in your hands very soon! Thanks for all the support and TELL YO FRIENDS!!

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