I want Dashboard to be a thing on the Mac again. Shoving widgets into the Notification Centre didn't work when it was a "Today" tab, and it especially doesn't work today when they're competing for real-estate with actual notifications. Our computers have big, beautiful screens, so why should our widgets be confined to a tiny column on the side? Bring back the overlay and fun designs.

In this installment of my "Forever" series, I reimagined the Dashboard icon in the post-Big Sur rounded rectangle shape, bringing back some of the craft that was lost when the icon was redesigned for Mac OS X Yosemite.

Side note: if something resembling Dashboard ever comes back, I'm sure it would be just called "Widgets" and have a representative icon of such. Whilst giving things "matter-of-fact" names makes sense, I equally miss the fun of creative naming, of which Dashboard was a prime example of.

Posted on Mar 20, 2022

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