Askdata Data Visualization Concept

Hi Friends,

Today I am releasing a project that I’m very pleased with. From looking at the attached screens this is an analytics dashboard with some innovative components.

Askdata, is a platform created for companies to insert their data and inherently or automatically provide users with the utilities to search for queries such as ‘what was my revenue last year?’ ‘what were my highest gross earning products?’ or ‘who are my top employees this month?’ and many others. The tool is designed with a minimal and simplistic approach, the platform itself is constructed with an arsenal of features that increase interactivity and social interactions between users, by including social components like alerts and reminders.

The application like a Photoshop or Google analytics has an initial learning curve at first. You can view a detailed description of the products functionality on one of the attachment.

This is a design proposal and was created for a group who I cannot disclose at the current time to avoid confusion.


large image
Medium image

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Nelson Noa.

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